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We provide professional executive search service and fine career matching. Treating serviced in only regular employee positions. Based on long lasted experiences of search services for foreign company, we operate open career consulting system. If you are ready, please discuss with our consultant.

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(주)넥스트 셀렉션 NEXT SELECTION Co., LTD 296
Introducing Career Consultant Forum Membership. (English) 597
커리어컨설턴트 협회 소개 (Career Consultant Forum) Korean 540
キャリアコンサルタント協会(Career Consultant Forum)紹介 (Japanese) 362
*Nextselection Co.有限公司。 是事業顧問論壇(同事)會員資格企業.Chinese Version 353
(株)ネクストセレクションは100%外国資本の会社だけをjob searching(Head hunting)する会社であります。  365
넥스트 셀렉션은 ONLY 100% 외국기업만을 전문으로Job Searching 하는 기업입니다 ! 2116
Nextselection Co.,有限公司是搜尋被專門研究協助全球性100%外國擁有的輔助多民族公司的企業的執行委員。 448
77 *어리석은 외국기업 인사담당 이사의 Achievement. 223
76 Mature하지 않은 headhunter consultant로부터 상처받은 candidate들이 192
75 Taboos to keep as an executive search consultant.( Head hunter). English Version 170
74 保留為一個顧問的禁忌 Chinese Version 127
73 Executive Search Consultant로서 절대 금기사항 Korean Version 194
72 Executive Search Consultantとしての禁止事項 -Japanese Version 121
71 100%외국계기업이라도 신중히선택...... 무늬만 외국인업체는 경력에 도움이 안되고 마음 고생 몸 고생합니다 517
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