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We provide professional executive search service and fine career matching. Treating serviced in only regular employee positions. Based on long lasted experiences of search services for foreign company, we operate open career consulting system. If you are ready, please discuss with our consultant.

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55 Mature하지 않은 headhunter consultant로부터 상처받은 candidate들이 ………… 538
54 I was honestly impressed of how precise and professionally Nextselection.... 278
53 외국기업에 근무하고자 하는 바램이 오랬동안 있었고 ......... 336
52 NEXTSELECTION Co.,LTD. makes every effort to show sincerity to candidates. 270
51 (株)ネクスト セレクションはcandidates に誠実に最善の努力をつくします。 243
50 I wish to thank you for providing me the opportunity to meet you 342
49 (주)넥스트 셀렉션은 candidates 즉 사람에게 성실할려고 최선의 노력을 다합니다. 327
48 Human type of 6 category as follow : 271
47 After my graduation of Korea University, I could meet Mr. CEO of Next selection. 276
46 就職について悩んでいるときにNextSelectionの代表と会うことができました。 241
45 It was quite a unique experience to work with Next Selection of C's Kim 280
44 Initial interview with Next Selection of President C’s Kim 269
43 About Career Development ...........Indexroot Korea President Ike Koh ! 386
42 CAREER 개발에 대한 짧은 생각 .Indexroot Korea President Mr.Ike Koh ! 459
41 保留為 一個顧問的 禁忌 (chinese) 214
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